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Introduction to Purple Egg Real Estate

About Ponce de Leon, Florida

Searching for the fountain of youth? Well, you might just find it here. Legend has it, that Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon was drawn to the area looking for it.

Home of the Fountain of Youth?

While there may not be a magical fountain with anti-aging properties in Ponce de Leon, there is a gorgeous spring in the area. The Ponce de Leon Springs is found within a 443-acre State Park. Within Ponce de PEon is a natural, 68-degree spring of crystal clear water, flowing 13.5 million gallons of water per day. This clear water then mixes with Sandy Creek’s dark water, which makes for an interesting view as the two waters merge together. The dark water isn’t dirty, however, as you may be initially tempted to think, but it’s dark because of tannins from tree roots.

So, despite you not being that close to the beach in Ponce de Leon, you do have access to an amazing swimming spot. It is one of the most beautiful springs that the state of Florida has to offer. Many people make a long drive up to the area just to see it.

How Is the City?

In addition to having a beautiful state park to visit, Ponce de Leon has some other interesting things about it. For one, the town has no stoplights — due to its size of it. If the main spring is crowded, the city also has two other springs to visit, Vortex and Madison. Otherwise, you can explore the nature trails through Ponce de Leon Springs.

Park and recharge out and away from others.

The city is small, with less than 700 people counted in the 2020 census. The area is known to more or less have four seasons compared to the rest of the state.

How Is Ponce de Leon’s Housing Market?

Due to the small size of the town, there’s only little housing data on Ponce de Leon, located in Holmes County. The median sold price of a home in 2022 is $225,000 — a 49.5% increase year over year. However, as stated before, it can be hard to make definitive conclusions from such a small sample.

In any case, Ponce de Leon seems to follow the housing market trends of the surrounding areas. A lot of people are moving to Florida and likely will continue to for quite a while. Home prices have been consistently going up for years and homes are affordable.


Ponce de Leon is a great place to move to if you’re looking for beautiful natural areas. If you want a place with swimming alternatives to the beach, then Ponce de Leon is definitely the place for you. Here, you have year-round access to some of the most beautiful springs you will ever see in your life.

On top of that, you will get to live off the land if you choose to for an affordable price. If you want to move to Ponce de Leon or have a property in the area you would like to sell, contact Purple Egg Real Estate today to get started.

Purple Egg Real Estate is local and family-owned. We are not real estate agents so you never have to worry about realtor fees with us. We are committed to the local real estate market in the Florida Panhandle and Lower Alabama. By using a locally established firm, you can help ensure local housing remains local, and help rejuvenate our neighborhoods by using someone who values the local community.

Freeport, FL mobile home
Freeport, Florida mobile home

I had a single wide mobile home on its own land in Freeport, Fl. I wanted it gone asap as I was dealing with a lot of different stuff at the time. David at Purple Egg Real Estate offered me a fair cash offer and to close at my own schedule, which was as quickly as possible – the entire process was completed in 9 days!

I live in California so I appreciated I didn’t have to do any repairs or clean-up – sold it as-is!

– – Tom N.

Get An Offer Today, Sell In A Matter Of Days...

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