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Introduction to Purple Egg Real Estate

About Holmes County, FL

Are you someone that likes the rural deep south, but doesn’t want to live in Alabama or Mississippi? If so, you’ll probably like Holmes County, Florida. Holmes County is a county in the Florida Panhandle that borders Alabama.

Holmes County, Fl logo
Holmes County logo

A Part of the Deep South

Holmes County is typically considered the most “southern” county in Florida. It is the most Republican county (over 89% in 2020) and is very rural. The population of Holmes County is less than 20,000 in a state of over 20 million — meaning Holmes County residents make up less than 0.1% of Florida’s population.

So, if you like rural, small-town living, Holmes County is the perfect place for you. Unlike in Miami and other big cities in Florida, in Holmes County southern hospitality is still alive and well.

Cities in Holmes County

The biggest city in Holmes County is Bonifay, with a population of 2,759. If that’s too big for you, you might consider the next largest city, Ponce de Leon, with a population of 687. Ponce de Leon also contains the famous merging of two rivers, where one river is dark due to tannins from tree roots, and the other merging river is crystal clear, making for an interesting dynamic of two types of water. However, if neither of those is what you’re looking for, there are plenty of other options that are more rural.


While there isn’t any ocean access in Holmes County, there are plenty of lakes and springs to visit on a hot day. For instance, there is the Ponce de Leon Springs State Park, which offers gorgeous, crystal clear waters for swimming as well as beautiful wildlife all around.

There are also historical sites, farms, golf courses, and other things to visit in Holmes County. Despite the county’s sparse population, there are still sights to see.

Real Estate

Due to Holmes County’s sparse population, its real estate values are volatile and somewhat difficult to track. Additionally, since the properties sold can vary so much in characteristics, the average sold price for a time period can easily be thrown off.

However, the overall trend for the area’s home values is up like the rest of the state. Also, Holmes County is definitely the place to be if you want to buy land. One of the most recent sales for the area on Redfin is an 80-acre lot that sold for $150,000. If you’re someone that lives in a major metropolitan area, that may seem absurd. In most big cities, you can’t even get a 2-bedroom house for that!


If you’re looking to buy land and live in a rural area in the deep south, Holmes County is exactly the kind of place you’re looking for. It offers beautiful wilderness, fresh springs and lakes, and a small-town atmosphere.

Whether you live in a town or out in the country, you’ll be sure to find people like you in the area. Holmes County is much different from most of Florida, and that’s what makes it so unique. While it’s not for everybody, it is perfect for the people who like it.

Purple Egg Real Estate is local and family-owned. We are not real estate agents so you never have to worry about realtor fees with us. We are committed to the local real estate market in the Florida Panhandle and Lower Alabama. By using a locally established firm, you can help ensure local housing remains local, and help rejuvenate our neighborhoods by using someone who values the local community.

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Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Selling my Fort Walton Beach, Fl home with Purple Egg Real Estate was a breeze. I thank the team at Purple Egg Real Estate for their professionalism, integrity, and pro-activeness. They helped me make informed decisions and did all the leg work, making sure I got the money that was promised when it was promised.

– – Chelsea H.

Zip Codes in Holmes County

32425, 32440, 32455, 32464, 32452

Locales in Holmes County

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