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Introduction to Purple Egg Real Estate

About the Florida Panhandle

The Florida Panhandle is the perfect compromise between the beauty of Florida and the slower pace and hospitality of the South.

It refers to the northwest area of Florida that looks like a “panhandle” on the map. It is the long, horizontal, skinny stretch off to the left of the state and borders Alabama and Georgia on a small part.

How is the Panhandle Different From the Rest of the State?

The Florida Panhandle really is its own place. Most of it even has its own time zone, putting it on Alabama (Central) time zone. It’s not just the time zone, however, this area has a more Southern lifestyle than the rest of the state.

In Florida, generally the more north you go, the more south you go. One of the reasons why the “Emerald Coast” of the Florida Panhandle gets millions of visitors each year is that it is a popular spot for southerners to visit the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico.

It’s no wonder; that Fort Walton Beach is less than three hours from Montgomery, Alabama — and less than two hours from Mobile, Alabama. This makes it a cheap vacation spot for people in the South.

However, there are certainly many other folks that come here for vacation, like people that want to avoid the high prices and big crowds of South Florida.

Are There Fun Activities Other Than the Beach?

There are tons of things to do in the Florida Panhandle besides just visiting the beach. Of course, there are all of the activities available at the beach, such as parasailing, kite surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, world-class fishing, and more; but there are also great hikes, zoos, art museums, offroading, waterparks, and more.

How Are the Job Opportunities and Cost of Living in the Florida Panhandle?

The Florida Panhandle has plenty of jobs just like the rest of Florida. In many counties of the Panhandle, projected job growth is well above that of the national average, and right now we’re in the middle of a nationwide labor shortage. There’s no lack of opportunity in the Panhandle.

Overall, the area has a diverse job sector and doesn’t have an economy dominated by any one industry. The cost of living in the area is very good for the type of place that it is. Unlike most tourist-heavy gorgeous beach areas, the cost of living for the Florida Panhandle is right about on par with the national average.

Is the Real Estate Market Good Too?

Yes, the real estate market in the entire state of Florida is booming, and the Panhandle region is no different.

The area’s real estate values are up around 25% or more across the board, yet are still very affordable, hence the low cost of living.

The median sold price in Bay County, Florida, for example, is currently at about $374,000 — well below the national average of over $425,000.


If you’re looking to move to a warm climate with friendly, laid-back people and affordable housing, the Florida Panhandle is the place for you.

Purple Egg Real Estate is local and family-owned. We are not real estate agents so you never have to worry about realtor fees with us. We are committed to the local real estate market in the Florida Panhandle and Lower Alabama. By using a locally established firm, you can help ensure local housing remains local, and help rejuvenate our neighborhoods by using someone who values the local community.

Crestview, FL house
Crestview, Florida mobile home

Wow! There’s no other way I can describe my experience with David at Purple Egg Real Estate. Successfully sold the Crestview, Fl mobile home within 4 days of getting in touch with them and the process was totally stress-free. The team is very courteous as well as friendly and leaves no stone unturned in explaining the details and answering queries.

– – Britni T.

Zip Codes in the Florida Panhandle

32501, 32502, 32503, 32504, 32505, 32506, 32507, 32508, 32509, 32511, 32512, 32513, 32514, 32516, 32520, 32522, 32523, 32524, 32526, 32526, 32530, 32531, 32533, 32534, 32535, 32536, 32537, 32538, 32539, 32540, 32541, 32542, 32542, 32544, 32547, 32548, 32549, 32550, 32550, 32560, 32561, 32561, 32562, 32563, 32564, 32565, 32566, 32566, 32567, 32568, 32568, 32569, 32570, 32571, 32571, 32572, 32573, 32574, 32575, 32576, 32577, 32578, 32578, 32579, 32580, 32581, 32582, 32583, 32588, 32589, 32590, 32591, 32592, 32593, 32594, 32595, 32596, 32597, 32598

Counties in the Florida Panhandle

We also purchase properties in Lower Alabama.

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