The Best Way to Find Off-Market Property Deals in Freeport

Off-market, or properties not listed on the local MLS, are the holy grail of real estate investors. Unfortunately, locating off-market listings is more challenging with the National Association of Realtors’ changes in 2020 in their MLS Statement 8.0 Clear Cooperation Policy, requiring brokers listing on the MLS to submit listings within one business day of … Continued

How to find foreclosures in Freeport Florida

There’s a lot of competition to find great deals on local Freeport Florida foreclosure properties. Finding them is only one part of the process – you also need to know how to capture them. Here are a few secrets from the pros that we’ve used with great success on how to find great foreclosure deals in Freeport. … Continued

About Hammock Bay in Freeport, Florida

Introduction I know a little something about Hammock Bay in Freeport, Florida because that’s where I live. It’s in Walton County. It’s a great community and I highly recommend it. We also have an onsite real estate agency where you can get more information. Hammock Bay is divided up into communities. The names of the … Continued

5 Traits of Successful Real Estate Investors in Freeport

We’re identifying traits shared among the most successful real estate investors to help you focus your efforts and follow their lead to the highest possible investment returns. While continuing education is integral to successful real estate investing, keeping on top of laws and other changes in the industry that can affect transactions, book knowledge is … Continued

5 Ways to Expand Your Freeport Real Estate Portfolio

Diversifying by providing income streams from multiple asset types, such as stocks, bonds, precious metals and from multiple sectors within the Freeport real estate market helps to ensure security against any sector’s downturns. Because time works in your favor when you invest in real estate, the sooner you begin, the greater the wealth. Rental rates … Continued

Investment Property Tax Deductions List for Freeport

Uncle Sam gives, and Uncle Sam takes away. But in the case of buying local Freeport investment properties… you can earn investment property tax deductions for your Freeport properties. For real estate investors, the United States provides the opportunity to earn a living purchasing investment properties… and holding those properties as investments, and of course the … Continued

Tips on Buying Real Estate with your IRA in Freeport – Purple Egg Real Estate

While most people understand that real estate is an investment, many people are taking advantage of the qualified retirement accounts to purchase real estate as an appreciating or revenue-generating instrument like IRAs. It’s really important to understand the tax implications, legal ramifications, and various other intricacies of purchasing Freeport real estate within your IRA. So, let’s dive into … Continued

Energy Bill Savings

Energy Bill Savings I was recently interviewed by Suzanne at The Sun regarding how I reduced my energy bill. While as a single individual we may be tempted to think we can’t do much to solve the world’s problems, I believe the best first step is to take action on our own. I always look … Continued

Mobile Homes: All about Mobile Homes

Due to their stronger construction and improved aesthetics, today, “Manufactured Houses” is a more accurate term to use when referring to Mobile Homes. Though per HUD guidelines, a factory-built home prior to June 15, 1976, is a mobile home, and one built after this date is a manufactured home. Many Mobile Home designs are similar … Continued